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MLM Complaints

Recently a number of MLM/ Network Marketing companies got into HUGE trouble with US Government agencies. Some made it, some are trying to survive and some are taken down. But do you know what makes these agencies go after those companies? Each year a significant...
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MLM Opportunity Promotion

MLM Opportunity Promotion is a difficult thing to do online. Most people in MLM are doing so… And most of them are doing it WRONG! Keep reading to learn all about these (common) mistakes people make with their online MLM opportunity promotion. Join Me, Join Me… Join...
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Network Marketing Or Pyramid Scheme, What is The Difference?

What is the Difference between Network Marketing and a Pyramid Scheme? Is it the same? How to recognize one from another? Read to learn more…

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How to Handle the Pyramid Scheme Objective

How to Handle the Pyramid Scheme Objective… What to say and what Not to say when somebody brings up the “is this a Pyramid Scheme?” question

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Network Marketing Recruiting Skills: Guess What Looking For NO Will Get You!

Network Marketing Recruiting Skills, Did your sponsor teach you any? Did it Involve “Get Some No’s”? Click here now!

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How To Pick The Best Network Marketing Company | Part 2

How To Pick The Best Network Marketing Company – Part 2 of the Checklist. Use this checklist to YOUR advantage! It’ll save you years of failure!

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How To Pick The Best Network Marketing Company – Part 1

How to pick the best Network Marketing Company | 5 Point Checklist | Points 1, 2 & 3 – Read now!

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What NOT to do to Promote Your Network Marketing Product

Do you Promote Your Network Marketing Product online? Read more to find out how NOT to do it and avoid common mistakes.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Read Your MLM Contract

Did You Read Your MLM Contract? If you Didn’t You Might Have A Serious Problem! Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Read Your MLM Contract: Read More

List Of Friends and Family Myth

FREE Ebook Download The list of friends and family myth… Probably everybody heard this so called Network Marketing training. Is it working? Could it work? Should we make such a list? Now Go Out And Ruin All Your Relationships! It’s one of the most used Network...
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Compensation Plans:
the Aussie 2-Up

In previous posts I talked about Compensation Plans. In these posts I mentioned the Stairstep/Breakaway, Binary, Matrix and Uni-Level Compensation Plans but NOT the Aussie 2-Up. It’s the 5th type of Compensation Plan and a bit of an Black Sheep in the...
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The Power Of Instant Gratification

What does Instant Gratification have to do with Network Marketing? And why is it so powerful? Hey Microwave, Hurry Up Will You!?! We live in a fast turning world. Technology changes and develops so quickly, two blinks of the eye and you’ve missed it! Texting,...
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Personality Colors Training – The 4 Colors

Personality Colors Training In the a post I did a while ago, called “Personality Colors – The 4 Personality Types” I talked about the history and briefly mentioned the 4 Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green & Red. Today I want to go a little deeper into the Personality...
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Have You Heard the 2 Biggest Lies In MLM?

2 Of The Biggest Lies In MLM. It’s ugly, but MLM/ Network Marketing Companies & Team Leaders are lying to you. But why would anybody lie to their own team, you might ask… GREED and EGO! Heeeelpp… This one is really personal. It’s also the reason why I try to help...
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MLM Compensation Plan Part 2

Now, what I shared in MLM Compensation Plan Part 1 are just the basics, unfortunately it gets WAY more complicated than that… Ready To Jump Some Hoops? All the plans have payment ranks, and the higher your rank in the MLM Compensation Plan, the higher your commissions...
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