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Michael Dlouhy

Author, Trainer, Mentor, Network Marketing Millionaire.

Mentor Michael

Who is Michael Dlouhy?

A few years ago I had my first phone call with Michael Dlouhy. It blew me away and I’ve been following him ever since. He became an inspiration, a Mentor, and a friend!

I want to share with you a great story about Michael, written by Richard Dennis:

Michael Dlouhy-The White Knight Of Network Marketing
Michael Dlouhy-The White Knight Of Network Marketing

“I’ve heard him called The White Knight of Network Marketing.

Good grief. Gag me with a spoon. I knew the man before he became “St. Michael.”

We have strong disagreements. It’s not personal. I’ve known Michael since 1997. In person, away from business, he’s a charming, lovable character. Fun … almost cartoon-like. Many people are drawn to him. Me? Michael Dlouhy often rubs me the wrong way. Let me tell you some things.

1. Michael spends 7-10 hours a week teaching his own network marketing COMPETITORS every secret he knows. He gives them FREE every tool he uses. His phone calls & e-book show them EXACTLY, step-by-step, how to take business away from him (if they can) … and then he doesn’t even charge them for the training! (You’ll learn his reasoning for this in a couple minutes.)

Reminds me of the guy at the intersection with his spray bottle, dashing out at red lights, washing your windshield. Michael would probably do THAT for free, too. You don’t see any other MLM “Heavy Hitter” ignore the time-tested “profit rules” of direct marketing. They’d go bankrupt. But Michael does it … and his business and income get bigger anyway.

2. Michael’s income comes from his MLM business. Yet on his conference calls, he NEVER mentions the company name. He NEVER says a product name. He trains his people to NEVER close a sale. He trains them to NEVER recruit. He tells them to NEVER promote to friends & family. And yet they move a TON of product, and they build like crazy! That can’t possibly work, can it? You sure wouldn’t think so. But it does.

Michael tells his motivation, how he was abused as a kid. His Aunt Honey rescued him and loved him. Connect the dots, and you realize he wants to be Aunt Honey to all these abused network marketers. Oh, brother! Wouldn’t Dr. Phil have a field day with this?

If you liked “The Brady Bunch”, you’ll love Michael. Bright and Michael_Dlouhycheery 99% of the time. Only when the subject turns to MLM “Heavy Hitters,” THAT is when his blood boils. In “Success In 10 Steps”, Michael catalogs every lie they’ve ever told. He’s driven to help those who’ve dreamed entrepreneurial dreams, and then been fleeced & abused by the evildoers. So when he gives everything away … it’s an “in-your-face” to the Heavy Hitters.

And this leads people to picture Michael riding his white horse across the countryside, The White Knight of Network Marketing, Sir Michael of MLM.

Gag me with a spoon.

3. Michael leaves profitable MLM marketing systems on the curb if he can’t use them to build others. People instantly relate to him, trust him. They’re loyal. He makes relationship-building look way too easy. And he trains his people to use his e-book do the same thing.[…]”

“[…]What I have learned from Michael is that to build an MLM income that lasts, you MUST build relationships. You MUST build people. As Michael says, people join people, not companies. If your focus is on a company, or on a compensation plan, or on products, then your focus is wrong. To build a lasting long-term network marketing income, youRichard Dennis must focus on building relationships.”
To read the whole story by Richard Dennis click here >>> Richard’s Story

If you want to read Michael’s Masterpiece “Success In 10 Steps” and use his training to build your business, click here >>> Free eBook < < < and fill out the form!

Michael Dlouhy

3 Reasons Why Most People Fail In Network Marketing And How To Avoid Them.

Part 1 – Recruiting vs. Retailing.

Many people in the MLM industry will NOT reach their dreams, some just drop out and some of them… well… they will fail.

There are lots of reasons why this happens but here are 3 of the biggest reason and how to avoid them!

Get The Right Focus.
Most people focus on recruiting new reps into their business instead of focusing on selling their product or service. Sometimes that’s because the company’s business model is encouraging people to do that (high commissions on enrolling new reps, low (residual) payout on retail-sales) and sometimes that’s because the upline teaches them to recruit, recruit, recruit.

“Did you know that the average Network Marketer sponsors only 2,7 people in their entire MLM-career?”

Let that number sink in for a minute… 2.7 people…

Now… does focusing on recruiting still make sense?

So What Should We Do Now?
First I want to share a story by a great mentor, Mr. Richard Dennis from Monticello, Florida.

“My first experience in MLM was in 1976 and in 1993 I started making a profit… That was 17 years… And Richard-Dennisas I look back, one of the things that stands out to me over that time, is that I spend over 17 years in a fair number of MLM companies, trying to build a business by recruiting. And in ’93 I began to sell a product, and everything changed for me.”

Put your focus on retailing/selling your product or service. Get a system in place for you to get customers. If there are no sales, there is no money to be paid out. And if you get paid out on sign-up fees.. You will have a problem sooner or later because that’s illegal. You can only make commissions on product sales!

Get My Point
In the book “If my product is so great, how come I can’t sell it?” by Kim Klaver, she shares that if she or one of her leaders’ talks to 100 people, they will get 10 customers and 1 distributor.

That’s not only her numbers, ask all the top leaders and they will confirm those numbers… Now does it make sense to walk away from 10 people… To get 1?

Download Success In 10 StepsThe Network Markerter’s Desk Reference now, to learn the skills needed to avoid the mistakes and reach that success you deserve!